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    Marthe with key
    Marthe is a cute little cat. She loves to look after keys and chase mice. She is also one of a kind. Your keys will be easy to find in the roomiest of bags. Marthe has rosy little cheeks and hangs from a pretty pale blue and white striped ribbon. The back of her head has a white and pale blue cross stitch effect patterned hearts fabric which matches her padded nose. Her face is hand embroidered with a charcoal grey thread on white felt. A pale blue bow button finishes off her look. Marthe is handmade using white embroidery thread and therefore has a shabby chic finish which only adds to her charm. A Slinkeee Handmade woven label is hand stitched onto the back of her head to add a contemporary feel to the product. The measurements for Marthe are 3 inches ear to ear x 2.75 inches ear to bottom of muzzle with a 2.25 inch ribbon suspended from a 1 inch split ring. She is not a toy and therefore not suitable for small children due to the small parts used in the making of her. She will however be quite happy to be used by older children accompanied by an adult.
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    Cat keyring Renee front
    A cute little cat keyring named Renee. She's French don't you know? The cat measures: 80mm ear to ear x 65mm from tip of ear to bottom Ribbon measures: 55mm x 10mm Made from white felt and with a cream, yellow and sage green ditsy material back with matching nose, Renee had sage green spotted ears and hangs from a yellow satin ribbon. She has rosy pink cheeks and her face is hand embroidered using charcoal thread. A Slinkeee Handmade woven label is sewn onto the back of her head to add a contemporary feel. Please note that Renee is all hand stitched. She isn't mass produced and therefore may not be absolutely perfect but she is beautiful. And she knows it.


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