Keep sparkling!

Nobody should let you feel less than fabulous and this card is a gentle reminder to always be your glittery self.

The design is my own creation using type surrounded by various sized stars to give it some extra sparkle and has been die cut from a scalloped edge 6 inch x 6 inch 250gsm card. The card is backed by a beautiful glittered blue 220 gsm card which sparkles when it catches the light. The inside comes with an insert which is blank for your own message.

The reverse of the card is hand stamped with the Slinkeee Handmade logo and comes with a hand stamped 100gsm envelope with a little fuchsia heart where it closes. The card will then be sealed in a transparent cellophane bag to ensure it arrives in excellent condition.

* Please remember that colours may vary slightly due to screen/monitor settings.

* This quote is also available as a framed artwork.