Flores Tropicais swatches

Flores Tropicais


Based on the Exotic Canopy brief, Flores Tropicais means Tropical Flowers in Portuguese. I added a contrasting leopard print to the mix too. I love those contrasting colours and would totally wear this as a print. I could also see it working on homewares and within the stationery market.

Fruit Patterns

Citrus & Tropical Fruits


Who doesn’t love a fruit pattern? They are used everywhere. On ceramics, tableware, cushions, fabrics, wallpaper. They never seem to go out of fashion. I created these citrus and tropical fruit patterns to sit together as a group or as stand alone patterns. Three citrus and three tropical.

Zoometry swatch



The brief for this one was 'Geopop'. I love animals so I decided to create a menagerie of animals made up of circles, squares, semi circles and hearts etc. Before I knew it, I had a zoo. These animals are available to buy on clothing at Teemill. The link is under the 'Shop' header.

Summer Breeze swatch and pattern

Summer Breeze


When I think of Joyful Blooms which was the brief, there can only be one flower that springs to mind. Yes, the big smiley faces of the sunflowers. All with their heads tilted to the sun. Just joyful. I used a risograph effect to bring these flowers to life sticking with the colours from the [...]

Sidewinder swatches and pattern



This glitchy pattern was created to fit a brief called Twisted. I immediately thought of snakes and orange peel. Quite an odd combination I know but that's a creative brain for you :). I love how random it is against the staggered blocks and glitches. I stuck with the mood board colours I created and [...]

Divine Discoveries swatches

Divine Discoveries


A natural 'from the earth' surface pattern based on the brief 'Mineral'. Divine Discoveries is all about calming beachy vibes and colours. Fossils and conch shells are surrounded by healing crystals to make this pastel coloured sandy pattern. This could work in bathrooms and on homewares as well as fabrics for making clothing.

Shore Thing swatches

Shore Thing!


Based on the boardwalks of California, this brief entitled 'Shore Thing!' is all American. With the pelicans that sit on the boardwalk to the fish who swim under it, this pattern has it all. Rollerskates represent the leisure activities on the boardwalk while shells and crabs represent what goes on underneath. And there's always a [...]

Sunset Palms swatch and pattern

Sunset Palms


I loved creating this pattern for the brief 'Botanist'. The moodboard I created for it inspired me to try risograph for the first time and I love the result. I didn't want this to be a full on green pattern even though it's obviously based on plants because there are some beautifully coloured plants. I [...]

Wanderlust swatch and pattern



The brief for this pattern was 'Eclectic Heirloom'. I created a mood board after mind mapping my ideas and I kept coming back to travel. Old maps, globes, tiles and nature. I wanted to make the pattern more appealing to a contemporary home so although I stuck to my original mood board colours, I added [...]


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