Bear with butterfly

Bear Be Kind Characters


These five bear characters (including baby) are the stars of the show in my Bear Be Kind surface pattern collection.They have also been turned into stickers which are available in my Etsy shop. The Grin & Bear It (the bear with the butterfly) has also been turned into a wooden pin which can also be [...]

Papillon dog



Those who know me know that I love dogs more than people. This little papillon was a bit of an experiment to draw something more realistic and I love how he turned out. Quite the king don’t you think? A few years ago a papillon called Dillon the villain won Crufts. He was quite a [...]

Zoometry swatch



The brief for this one was 'Geopop'. I love animals so I decided to create a menagerie of animals made up of circles, squares, semi circles and hearts etc. Before I knew it, I had a zoo. These animals are available to buy on clothing at Teemill. The link is under the 'Shop' header.

Winter walking wardrobe

Winter Walks


I love a walk in the winter. Especially if there's snow on the ground. You know, when it's crisp and white and nobody has been there before you. And before it turns to grey slush. Here's the perfect ensemble for braving the elements.


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