After a long wait to see Noah & The Whale due to rescheduling the event from November to March, I finally got to see them live last night in Newcastle. I’ve never been a fan of going to see bands on a school night as the intention to get a bit of an ‘early finish’ never usually goes to plan. Luckily yesterday, it did. I’d had a horrible day and this was just the tonic I needed.

Being an indie folk band, it wasn’t as lively as I’m used to. I wasn’t sure what it would be like hearing such a mellow band play live but they sounded amazing. The vocalist, Charlie Fink has such a lovely smooth velvety voice which I’m sure goes down well at festivals inbetween the other livelier bands. Obviously they also have more upbeat songs and saved most of them until near the end of the show to get the crowd going. It certainly chased my blues away anyway.

Now, who can I go and see next?

Photographs taken at the show