Spooky season is upon us and I’ve created a mini gift guide of some fantastic indie businesses who can help you make this year special. Remember last year when Halloween was cancelled? I mean, you could still celebrate it in your own home but it’s not really the same is it? No trick or treating, nowhere to go to wear your fabulous Halloween costumes. I don’t have kids so Halloween isn’t really a big thing in this house but I do love all the imagery and decoration that comes with it. It’s lovely to see all the pumpkins in the shops and fields (turnips in my day – there’s no smell like it), the kids all excited and dressed up to go around the doors. I think it’ll happen this year but maybe be scaled back compared to previous years. That pesky virus is the spookiest thing to happen to all of us and it’s still hovering around like a mean scary ghost.

I’m not doing products for Halloween but I love to create new illustrations and patterns for it. The babygro above was created using one of my patterns using a friendly Dracula as the main character. Surrounded by bats obviously. That’s just how he rolls.

I’ve complied a little Halloween gift guide for you from some lovely indie businesses that I know. There are all sorts of gorgeous things to tempt you away from those sweet treats that were meant to be for the trick or treaters. Just click on the links below to see all the ghoulish delights in store.

Spooky t-shirts for kids and grown ups by Get The Party Crafted

Glittery bold and beautiful pumpkin earrings by The Argentum Design Company

Gorgeous Halloween fabric by Studio Jepson

Stickers, keyrings and craft kits for kids by Loubiblu

Autumnal Pumpkin Penguin Sticker Sheet by Shiny Shrimp

Learn to make zombie cupcakes with an online video tutorial and kit by Cook and Craft Collective 

Halloween t-shirts and sweatshirts for kids and adults, stickers and art prints by Mini Geek Boutique

Easy sew trick or treat Halloween bag kit for all those spooktacular treats by Studio Jepson


Happy Halloween my little pumpkins!