Now there’s a party trick to be proud of!

A few years ago I bought an origami calendar hoping that by the end of the year, I’d at least be able to make something a little more impressive than the usual pathetic triangular hats I make from crisp packets, sweet wrappers or any paper lying within my grasp. Unfortunately, I think I only made it to February before giving in and realising that although I usually have the patience of a saint, that didn’t extend to my attempts at paper folding. The best thing I ever managed was a piglet but that was by following detailed instructions and as soon as I couldn’t see them, I was completely clueless.

Won Park is a designer from the US who creates fantastic money origami from dollar bills. In the spirit of Halloween, I have included two of his spookier pieces above but he really is worth a Google as some of his other works are far more impressive than these two.

Not sure if he could do a piglet though ;).