I love music and seeing bands play live and was lucky enough to see Ed Sheeran for the second time last night. I love his new album and the way he can make you feel like he has a massive band behind him when really, it’s all down to him and his loop pedal. His voice was amazing and he had a real rapport with the crowd, something a lot of more established bands could learn from. He also brought Rizzle Kicks on towards the end which was a nice little touch. There’s a few bands out at the minute who are collaborating with each other and I suppose it all helps to promote each other as maybe people who wouldn’t have gone to see Rizzle Kicks now will.

Last time I saw him, I had taken my nephew to his first ever music event at the Carling Academy in Newcastle. It was to see Just Jack and Ed was his support. I knew then that he was destined for bigger things. We got to meet him afterwards and you could tell by talking to him that he had the determination and drive to get to where he wanted to be without any arrogance. He seemed really down to earth and just a genuinely nice lad who wanted to make a career out of doing what he loves.

I also love the fact that he is playing up the whole ginger hair thing in his lyrics and his merchandise when so many people are ridiculed for it. There were lots of ‘flame haired’ people at the university to see him and they all looked pretty cool to me ;).