I stumbled upon The Total Licensing Report yesterday and having worked in the licensed character industry, thought I’d catch up on what’s new as you can sometimes fall behind the times when you’re not able to take time out and don’t have children.

I came across an advert for a License Creative Manager called David Dennett who is available for new opportunities and anyone who follows me on twitter knows that I’m all for promoting people and helping them out if I can. Anyway, I emailed him by chance to see if he would mind me posting about his job search on twitter and it turns out our paths have crossed in the past and the Dumbo on my home page in the featured panel was commissioned by him. That was a pleasant surprise and I have no doubt that won’t be the only job we would be connected with.

David is an award winning License Creative Manager and has worked in the licensing industry for over 15 years. He has worked within the world of FMCG’s on leading brands and licenses and his expertise is in gift and stationery. He has worked with The Walt Disney Company, Hasbro, Mattel, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, BBC, Lucas Films and Hit Entertainment to name a few. David has an in-depth knowledge of the licensing industry and various production processes.

He is looking for new opportunities in the licensing industry for permanent or freelance contracts with licensors or licensees. If you know of anything suitable for David, please get in touch with him at dennett7@btinternet.com.

With the wealth of knowledge David possesses within the licensing industry, I have no doubt that the work offers will come flooding in so get in there quick ;).