I’m part of an amazing design community. I’ve made friends from all over the world because of it and we have our own community hub to share work, tips and have general chit chat. It’s all thanks to the lovely team at Design Cuts. It’s their 8th birthday this week and they’ve had an amazing birthday event happening all week. I’ve been attending their free sessions from 15:15 – 23:30 every day. It’s been a very tiring but amazing work week and it all culminated with an after party tonight where Tom, the CEO got to wear his sparkly jacket again and creative director Matt got to wear his tinsel crown. After all, it’s not a party till there’s sparkles right?

What a fabulous week it’s been. All of the sessions are available for free until Sunday at Create More Live. If you’d like to have the sessions as a reference to look back on (and get loads of assets to use in your own work), you can purchase the Create More Live Event Pack here and keep it forever. This is an affiliate link which means if you purchase the pack I’ll get a few pennies to put in my piggy bank for my next DC purchase. And believe me, once they have you hooked, there’s no escape. In a good way.

So what are the sessions about? There are sessions on business, branding, illustration, painting, lettering, photo manipulation and scrapbooking. The event pack is honestly worth every penny. You won’t be disappointed as there’s something in there for everyone and I guarantee you’ll learn something you didn’t already know. The list of speakers is like a who’s who of the design world. I haven’t attended a bad session yet and there’s always something to learn from each one.

I’ve gotten to know the fantastic team at Design Cuts over the last couple of years and as you can tell I’m so proud to be part of their design community. I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to be one of their Community Spotlight artists. I mean, what an honour. They really know how to look after their community. You really couldn’t ask for a more friendly bunch of creatives and they’re always happy to help in any way they can. You can read my interview on their website here.