I’m a massive lover of birds of prey. I find them fascinating to watch and let’s face it, they are beautiful to look at. When I heard there was a display coming to Woodhorn Museum, an old mining colliery based in Northumberland, I knew I couldn’t miss it.

I took the opportunity to go and photograph these beautiful birds up close. The company, Ridgeside Falconry, who organised the display, are based in County Durham but travel all over with their birds to county shows, carnivals, fairs and special events. After chatting to them beforehand, I was also lucky enough to be involved in the display with Pepsi the barn owl (second from left). I also got the chance to hold a huge 7lb eagle called Lucy who was absolutely beautiful, with a massive wing span.

The rain certainly didn’t dampen my spirits and I managed to get some great photos including some with lovely rain droplets lying on their waterproof feathers. Even my car breaking down on the way home couldn’t wipe the smile from my face ;).